• Tanya Hilts

Four Important Words in Business

It's funny where we get inspiration from sometimes. Four words, I recently hear, simply put together in the proper order, inspired me in so many ways. HOW CAN I HELP? It is the easiest question in the world to ask. But it can be so powerful when asked with the right timing, sincerity and conviction. I have read other blogs that said that this is the worst question to ask, because people assume you want something from them or have a hidden agenda. I believe it is all in the timing and delivery. Yes, there may be times where you will have to state that you don't have ulterior motives, but then once that is done, move on and say, "Now that your concern is out of the way, how can I help?" This isn't making promises that you can't keep, more like opening honest dialogue.

A firm owner can ask their employees, and make the employees feel like they are important, and they have a strong support system, which will enable them to do their job better and with more confidence. This is a much better outcome for both sides instead of pointing out what they are doing wrong, or telling them to work harder or faster. An employee could ask the same to their superior, and it could give them the opportunity to take on more responsibility.

Most importantly, asking this to your clients instead of assuming you know how to help. This is exactly why here, we customize the plan options based on the information we collect from our clients about what their pain points are, and what they need help with. This will also continue to change for the clients as you are helping them with their pain points, they will develop new ones. This is an opportunity for you to step in and understand your clients better. This will ultimately lead to better client relationships and the opportunities to offer more services, or even a change to existing ones or a change to your flow to help your clients.

Just remember, if you are asking this question, someone else will.

About Tanya:

Tanya is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and an advanced certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor with over 20 years bookkeeping and income tax experience. She is the founder of Cloud Bookkeeping Services and Bookkeepers Bootcamp, which she offers her workflow and value pricing expertise and support to her fellow bookkeeper. Tanya is proud to be a 2016 Intuit sponsored Black Swam, mentoring under Ron Baker and is a member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network. Tanya can also boast being one of Hubdoc's 2017 Top 50 Cloud Accounting Firms as well as being named a 2017 Firm of the Future runner up. Tanya is a volunteer mentor for Futurepreneur Canada since 2016.