• Tanya Hilts

We'll see you at #QBConnect Toronto

Quickbooks connect in Toronto is just a few short days away from kicking off and we cannot wait. We are looking forward to all the networking and connecting that we have come to expect from these events. Also for the chance to connect with and learn about the app partners who will be in attendance. Finally we look forward to presenting three topics to all of you, that I hope you will all find as fascinating as we do.

First up is Creating Engaging Training Videos for your Clients. We are so excited to demonstrate this for you. We have been building up our own website training page with recorded videos to create a VIP feel for our clients. We keep the videos short and topic focused. Join us at 11am on Wednesday for this information filled session.

Second is Payroll Options for QuickBooks Online Clients. On 1pm Wednesday we will be sharing the key benefits to the different payrolls offered by Quickbooks and what type of clients they are most suited for. This will be a great Comparison and reference when choosing which payroll your clients need.

Finally our last topic will be Work Flow Efficiency. We are all about the Workflows and being as efficient as possible at our practice. If you are looking for ways to organize and streamline your workflows this is a session you should not miss. Join us Wednesday at 2:15pm for why you need workflows, what the different apps can offer you and what you can automate to save you time and make your practice more efficient.

So get ready for fun learning and good company. Make sure you find us as we are looking forward to connecting with all of you. #QBConnect Toronto here we come!

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