• Tanya Hilts

Day Three in San Jose, Day Two of #QBConnect!

The second day of QB Connect is by far the biggest day. This is the day where ProAdvisors, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Business Consultants and Small Business owners come together, and at almost 5000 people, come together we did.

Intuit CEO, Brad Smith, began the morning with an inspiring in keynote address, bringing together all of the entrepreneurs in the room. Next we got a preview of some awesome new QuickBooks additions that will hopefully be not to far off in Canada. These consisted of Intuit's very own Siri, entitled QuickBooks Assistant. As this begins to roll out, QuickBooks users will have access to ask QuickBooks Assistant pretty much anything and the information will be pulled from QBO. The assistant is a behavior learning Artificial Intelligence with a personality that is sure to put a smile on your face, and this will be coming to Canada. Next was QuickBooks Capital, which is a money lending section that approves you based on your information within your QBO file. I have yet to confirm if this will be rolling out in Canada, but certainly seems like it would be helpful to the right SMB's. The winner of the $100K APP SHOWDOWN was announced to be shopVOX. ShopVOX is a comprehensive web based system for custom fabricators, and on top of solving a large pain for custom fabricators, yes, it does integrate with QBO. Congratulations guys!!!

Next up was Lisa Ling interviewing Julie Rice, CEO of SoulCycle on what it took her to the huge success she built her business into. Of course, the variety of breakout sessions continued so that SMB's and Accounting Professionals could collaborate and learn side by side. Our afternoon speakers were amazing. We started the afternoon speakers with Tyra Banks. I learned many things about her, which has given me more respect for her. She graduated from an executive education program from Harvard School of Business, and teaches a course at Stanford University about marketing and personal branding. Her message about empowering women and entrepreneurship were quite inspiring. We also heard from Nate Berkus to not be afraid of money. We are afraid to collect it, to charge appropriately for it, and undervalue ourselves in the meantime. THe day finished with SHonda Rimes, SEO and Storyteller. Shonda's message was "Believe you Belong". All in all, very powerful speakers with very powerful messages. A great second day!!!