• Tanya Hilts

Day Two at #QBConnect

The last pre-conference day was a blast. We spent some time at Intuit's Mountainview Office and got a pre-show into some up and coming QBO enhancements that are being announced at Connect. In the QBOA, Find an Accountant profile, they will be launching the find a tax expert in December. This will be a great time to get yourself certified if you haven't already done so and get those client reviews in there to maximize your profile. A future plan is to allow lead management through the Find an Accountant portal. You will be able to message, request and receive documents directly through the portal. Now, if you are a QBO Practice Management lover like I am, hold on to your seats. You will soon be able to request documents from any client, not just bookkeeping clients. This is a great feature for those of us that also offer tax services. No, the most exciting news (at least in my opinion), is that we will be able to utilize deep links. These are links that will exist in a task that will take you directly to the clients QBO file. For example, if you have a task set up to run payroll, the link will take you directly to that clients payroll screen. Way to go Intuit!! This little feature is a home fun in my books. Stay tuned for more updates on QB Connect!!! Cheers, Tanya Hilts