• Tanya Hilts

QB Connect, Here I am!!!

QB Connect, Here I am!!! Well, it has been an eventful past 24 hours, from the pat downs through airport security, the $20 glasses of wine at the airport (yes, you read that right. $20 for a single glass), to my cell data not working the minute we hit the US. A little bit of patience and a lost morning with tech support to find out I have the 1 phone in the roster that has a known issue and has to add a special manual setting to access data in any country other than Canada. It was basically 1 character out in a line of coding. Ugh. Who knew. But all is good and now that the day is almost over, I can successfully post to FB or order an Uber from anywhere now. It's a good thing I have an adjustment day before such an exciting week. This is my first time attending QB Connect, and I am already feeling the excitement from the other ProAdvisors who showed up before me. Making new friends, re-connecting with old, the breakout sessions geared to help us improve our practices and the line up of speakers. I am ready to soak it all in!!! The most disappointing thing so far was that I was too late figuring out the QB Connect app, and some of the sessions I most wanted to attend were full. So now to let the excitement continue to build and experience this amazing event and make my mental notes for next year. Don't we call that Performing After Action Reviews? Stay tuned as I will be blogging my journey as a QB Connect San Jose Newbie, so enjoy!!! Cheers, Tanya Hilts