• Tanya Hilts

Business Changing Apps

Like most bookkeeping businesses, I used to be tied to my desk and constantly working to enter past information. People used to say that I must love what I do. To be honest, I was good at it, but it was boring. Enter the world of Cloud Apps. The ability to move my business to the cloud was huge. This has allowed me to break free of my chains and take my role from that of a compliance office and data entry, to data management and allows me more time for a business advisory role to truly become that trusted advisor to my clients. The apps that have made the biggest change to my business include QuickBooks Online, InvoiceSherpa, Hubdoc and ReceiptBank.

QuickBooks Online has obviously made the largest impact. This has allowed me to work anywhere, anytime as long as I have internet service and work side by side with my clients. When I say this, I mean figuratively speaking of course. We can both be in their file at the same time and as long as we are not working on the same transaction at the same time, both of our work is saved.

InvoiceSherpa has made a huge impact on my business as this is a full accounts receivable app. This emails the invoices with the option to pay via credit card. Now, QuickBooks Online now offers this feature, but InvoiceSherpa also keeps track of which invoices are not paid and sends reminders based on a frequency that I set up. I only have to make a reminder call ever few months these days, Which gives me more time to focus on the rest of my business.

ReceiptBank and Hubdoc both have similar features, which allow me to have the client simply take a picture of their receipts through their phone apps, or email receipts to a specified email address. The receipts then upload to me where I can set some preset information that the apps will remember, as well as the apps read some information on the receipts. With the help of these features, so that I am verifying the information, rather than entering it, then pushing it over to QuickBooks Online. The beauty of this is that a picture of the receipt also flows over to QuickBooks Online, allowing quick access in case of an CRA audit or review, or to simply check back on.

Hubdoc also has the added functionality of pulling E-Statements from your bank account, so no more following up with clients over missing bank statements.

There are of course many more apps that have had an impact my business, but these have been the game changers which have allotted me the time to become a trusted advisor and find that passion for what I do again.

Until next time,

Tanya Hilts