• Tanya Hilts

The NEW Role of a Bookkeeper

What is "Cloud Bookkeeping" and how is it changing the role of the bookkeeper. No matter how much experience, education or how many certificates we have to our names, if we are not an accountant, some people will always look at bookkeeper as data entry roles. While it's true in a sense that we do "enter the data", we still need to know what to do with the data to ensure complete and accurate financial and reporting data as well as ensure we are in compliance with government guidelines. And trust me, this is no small feat. In comes "Cloud Accounting". This is not only great, as we can become more mobile in our work and allow our clients the same mobility, we can access the same applications and work in tandem with each other. Most importantly, with the integration of specific applications, we can automate the "data entry" part of our job. I was in a training webinar today and they used the phrase "Data Management". We can now focus on managing the data and what to do with it. This makes the role of a qualified bookkeeper much more important as a bookkeeper works closely in tandem with you and we validate, verify and manage your data to ensure accuracy. I found the following chart on the web that clearly illustrates the difference between data entry and bookkeeping. Now let's just get the title of bookkeeper changed to Data Manager, and we'll be a step ahead.

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