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  • Track your Refund

  • Check your benefit and credit payments

  • Set up or change your direct deposit banking information

  • View your RRSP / TFSA limits

  • View your online mail

  • Access past NOA's

  • Reprint your filed T4's and other tax slips

Do all of this and more by registering for CRA's My Account at the link below.

Important Dates

  • GST / HST credit issued................Jan 5. Next Apr 5

  • OTB payments issued...............Mar 10, Next Apr 10

  • ​CCB payments issued................Mar 20 Next Apr 20

  • Efiling closed for system update...January 21, 2021

  • 2019 Efiling opens.............................. Feb 24, 2020

  • 2019 Personal tax balance due........... Sept 1, 2020

  • 2019 Personal tax filing due............... June 1, 2020  

  • 2019 Self Employed tax filing............ June 15, 2020

Annual deadline to have complete personal tax information slips and forms dropped off to us to have completed by June 1 deadline ...... May 15

Annual deadline to have complete self-employment tax slips and forms dropped off to us to have completed by June 15 deadline.  This is to also include personal taxes of self-employed person and their spouse ......May 31

In order to protect the health and safety of our team and our clients, we will NOT be seeing any clients face to face.  We can process your taxes virtually, or if you drop off, we will mail your forms back to you.  If you use the dropbox, please expect a 1 business day delay as we will quarantine your paperwork for 24 hours to ensure that there are no live germs before we handle your papers.  We thank you for your understanding and will re-assess the situation in April.  Please call us for any questions.

Government extends tax deadline to June 1 amidst COVID-19 outbreak

Canadians will have one extra month to file their taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency, the National Post has learned.

The announcement will be made tomorrow by federal ministers as part of a larger series of financial measures to assist Canadian individuals and governments through the COVID-19 pandemic.

So instead of an April 30 filing deadline for the 2020 tax season, Canadians will have until June 1 to submit their income tax return to CRA. The deadline to pay off any outstanding balances interest-free will also be extended, this time to September 1.

Businesses will also have more time to pay their taxes without paying any interest or penalties. The new deadline will be July 31 to pay any corporate taxes or make any scheduled installment payments.  



Filing fee

Filing fee applicable to each return.  $6.99 for each electronically filed return and $25 applicable to each paper filed return.   All 2015 and prior returns are not eligible for E-filing and therefore are required to be paper filed.

Verify information with CRA - Included with ALL packages

All packages automatically include verification with CRA for missing information slips at the time we are working on your file.  We will advise you of we find any missing slips as well as print a copy for you.  We only have access to what is filed with CRA at the time we check.  There will be a fee of $5.00 per slip that we pull to include with your income tax return.  Should you purchase our CRA insurance, we will waive the charges for pulling your information slips.   

  • Seniors, over 65 yrs, with ONLY basic CPP / OAS income

  • Does NOT include other pensions, investments, charitable donations, medical, or income splitting  (must move up to SILVER or higher)

Income only, no deductions allowed other than exceptions for Seniors / Students as listed (Excludes any situation that additional services are required.  See back of page for details.)    No complex situations requiring additional priced items.  See additional services.     

  • BASIC return - max 5 info slips (T4, T4A)


  • STUDENTS must be full time student in high school or post-secondary school during tax year and under 21 yrs of age

  • includes T4's from part-time/summer jobs

  • should file returns to create future RSP contribution room & collect HST credits, and Trillium Tax Credits (if applicable)

  • return - up to 10 information slips


    Charitable Donations

    Medical Receipts

    Union Dues                        

    RRSP Income/contributions       

    Student Loan Interest            

    Tuition & Education Amounts

    Child Care Expenses              

    Support Payments

    Pension Income Splitting         

    Amount for Eligible Dependent           

INCLUDES everything above in GOLD Service, plus:

  • UNLIMITED information slips & receipts

  • Employment Expenses (with totals provided)

  • Moving Expenses (with totals provided)

  • Foreign pension

  • Simple investment reporting (buy/sell of shares, etc) which include T3’s, T5’s or T5008 accompanied with realized gain/loss report.All other investing is considered complex and is priced separately



  • Deceased / Final Return *

*Deceased/Final Returns for regular circumstances:  final income slips, medical receipts, donation receipts, etc.   Does not include Trust returns.

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All services below may only be added onto GOLD level or higher


Click here Final Tax Checklist

Priority $25

  • Skip the wait, prioritize your file with a 3 day turnaround.  If you have multiple linked returns (Spouses, children) this fee will apply to each return

CRA Insurance $25

  • Give yourself peace of mind and know that should your return be selected for a Pre or Post Assessment review, that we will take care of this for you.

  • Want to find out the status of your refund?  Have any other CRA questions?  We can handle these for you.

  • Need a copy of your NOA?  We can access it and provide you a copy.


Without this protection, these services are additional costs.  Or you could sign up for a CRA My Individual Account to access most of this information on a self service bases through their website.

Express NOA $10

  • Receive your Notice of Assessment the day after your return is E-filed. (As we batch E-file each night)   

  • Charge is per person / per year / per NOA

This is perfect if you find yourself needing to receive your NOA quickly for reasons such as re-financing your mortgage.  Without this add-on, your NOA will be mailed to you in the regular time frame of 5-7 business days plus mailing time.  With this option selected, CRA will not send a copy via mail.

  • Price is for preparation of T776 form and review of expenses

  • Totals must be provided for each expense category on the rental activities form accessible through the link below.  If receipts or other forms are provided, or additional help is required to complete the form additional costs will apply.  There is no additional cost for a verbal review of the form if you are new to using the form.

  • Use our checklist to help you prepare your records!


Long Haul Trucker $85.00

  • Price is for preparation of TL1 form and review of expenses

  • Totals trip information must be provided or you may use our excel spreadsheet to enter trips.  If we are calculating trips from trip log book, additional bookkeeping fees will apply.

  • Price is for preparation of T2125 form and review of expenses

  • Totals must be provided for each expense category. If receipts or other forms are provided, or additional help is required to complete the form additional costs will apply.  There is no additional cost for a verbal review of the form if you are new to using the form.

  • Use our checklist to help you prepare your records!


RRSP Planning $65.00

  • Pre-return preparation the purpose of RRSP planning before RRSP deadline

  • Estimated based on the information you can provide at the time

  • In person meeting

  • Price is per return/person

Complex Medical $70.00

  • Applies if medical is partially paid by third party insurance.  Third party statements required.  Maximum time of 1 hour which covers most situations, afterwards a per hour rate of $75 applies.

Complex Investments $75.00

  • Applies if annual realized gain / loss statements are not provided and separate sale statements required.  Maximum time of 1 hour afterwards, a per hour rate of $75 applies.

  • Excludes options trading.

T1 Adjustment $65.00 per year

  • for current or prior years, to include missed slips, or changes to tax situation

T1 Adjustment $85.00 per year

  • for current or prior years, to include complex changes to tax situation.  We can confirm in advance if simple or complex depending on individual situation

CRA contact or Notice of Assessment Copy $25 per access

  • reprint of NOA from CRA website for current or prior years

  • contact CRA via phone for information on your behalf

  • contact CRA website for information on your behalf

Pre or Post Assessment Review $65.00 per review

  • You receive a letter from CRA requesting further information to substantiate your tax credit request

  • We will prepare a written reply and provide information requested from your tax return, on your behalf

  • Follow up, as required, to close review

If you have purchased CRA Review Insurance when we completed your return, this is not required and you should not receive a letter, it will be directed to our office, and we will deal with CRA on your behalf. Should you receive a letter, just get us a copy and we will take care of it for you.

GST / HST Return $70.00

  • Calculation of GST / HST Remittance or Refund, based upon completion of Business Income Return (above)

  • Includes online filing with CRA

Disability Tax Credit Application $165.00

  • Review of customer circumstances to determine possible eligibility for tax credit

  • Assistance in preparation of CRA Tax Credit Application

  • Filing with CRA, and copy retention at our office

  • CRA follow up

  • T1 Adjustments for the years impacted, up to 10 years max

Request for Tax Payer Relief $275.00

  • Preparation of CRA forms to request reduction or elimination of penalties and / or interest due to extraordinary circumstances

  • Includes review meeting with customer to discuss, and follow up

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